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Waterfall Bath Taps

Waterfall Bath Taps

Waterfall Bath Taps are the perfect way to add style to both modern or traditional bathrooms, they create a unique and fashionable look to your bath or sink. The waterfall tap has a wide, open spout design which enables water to flow effortlessly into your basin or bath and they are extremely versatile meaning they can be fitted to basins, baths or even wall mounted.

The costs of a bathroom overhaul in your home is an expensive commitment and it’s important to get some high quality taps to complete your new look, waterfall bath taps are one of the more modern and latest designer taps on the market, therefore; they should keep your bathroom looking both stylish and in trend for years to come.

At, you will find we have a wide range of waterfall taps such as bath filler, deck mounted & wall mounted; all these taps are of the highest quality and compatible with all UK plumbing systems.

Features of Waterfall Bath Taps:

Easy to Install: Our taps are extremely easy to install with little DIY knowledge required. All our taps come complete so no additional parts are required to do the installation.

Waterstream: As waterfall taps have a wider spout than previous taps, they emit water much quicker and at a more powerful flow rate. This is extremely handy if filling up a large bath as it will save you time…

Chrome Finish: All the taps are coated with chrome-plated brass which makes the taps extremely durable and eliminates any chance of rust developing. As long as you keep them clean, your waterfall taps will gleam for years to come.

Browse our range of waterfall bath taps and transform your bathroom today! Should you require any assistance then please get in touch with our sales team.

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