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Boiling Water Taps

If you are often rushing for time in the morning and in need of instant hot water then a boiling water tap is an excellent addition to any kitchen. They eliminate the need to wait for a kettle to boil and provide instant hot water to quickly make any hot drink.

We offer a wide range of high quality boiling water taps in UK, each tap produces up to 100 degrees of boiling water with the push of a button. Gone are the days where a kettle is a necessary, boiling water taps offer a much more practical solution and for any homeowner whom values the importance of their time; adding a boiling water tap to your home will save you hours each year.

What do boiling water taps offer?

You will get instant hot water with the simple push of a handle/lever. This eliminates endless waiting around for the kettle and the average hot drinker will save around 1 day per year!. As well as being extremely efficient for hot drinks, they are perfectly safe to use for cooking items such as vegetables or even sterilising baby bottles.

Are boiling water taps safe to use?

Safety is always a top priority when the item is production boiling hot water, to ensure your safety we have devised a safety lock mechanism throughout our range. This means that our boiling water taps have a safe grip and insulation of the handle which means they are child safe, they also have a high-quality filter which purifies the water and prevents limescale from building up. We guarantee our customers the highest quality of water when purchasing our boiling water taps.

Do boiling water taps cost a fortune?

No, they offer a terrific value for money as they are extremely efficient, easy to install and with no running costs. They are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, although the initial cost is quite high; every year you use a boiling water tap you will be saving money in both time and energy.

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