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Baths are an essential part of any home, they provide a relaxing and cosy feeling over the winter months. Here at Only Taps, we have a range of bathtubs available which cater for any bathroom size or style; we have small and compact luxury bathtubs for people with smaller bathrooms and a wide range of large bathtubs and freestanding baths which create eye catching feature in larger scale bathrooms.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you are sure to find a high quality and affordable bath which is sure to last for years to come on our website.

Our desirable range of bathtubs are built to the highest standards to ensure they look fantastic in your bathroom and provide a feel of the highest quality when you are bathing in them. As well as various sizes and styles, we have extensive range of freestanding baths, large bathtubs and traditional baths in a great selection of different finishes and colours to compliment and type of décor.

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