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Bath Filler Taps

Bath Filler Taps

If you’re looking for simplicity in your bathroom, then a Bath Mixer Tap and a filler tap is certainly the way to go. They do the job of two separate taps and look great while doing it. The temperature can be easily controlled using a gorgeous single lever and all of the styles we stock work perfectly in all styles of bathrooms. Taps are used every time somebody visits your bathroom so they form an essential part of your bathroom styling and practicality; When choosing your taps, it’s important you purchase taps which are reliable, rust free and drip free!

Benefits Of A Bath Filler Tap are as follows:

1) A more sleek and contemporary look

2) Better control over the temperature of the water

3) Better economy/reduce water bills, thanks to a more controlled flow

Different Types Of Bath Filler Taps:

1) Waterfall Bath Filler: The waterfall basin mixture is the current trend, it has a modern look and the water flows from the tap in a creative and effortless way.

2) Wall Mounted Bath Mixer Taps: The wall mounted tap is space-saving for your bath. If you are limited for space around you basin then a wall mounted tap is the best option; simply fit the tap to your wall and create a stunning contemporary look.

3) Small Bath Mixer Taps: If you have a tiny bathroom or medium sized en-suite, option for a small bath filler is a great choice. You get a ultra modern looking tap which is much smaller than standard sized units.

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