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Basin Mixer Taps

Basin Mixer Taps

In the Modern era of technology, everything around us is made up of newest and latest technology. Bathroom décor is following this trend with the unique and stylish items such as basin mixer taps. Over the last few years, regular old fashioned traditional taps have been replaced by modern looking basin mixer taps, they are becoming more common because of their unique style and the fact that the water flow can be controlled by one tap rather than two.

Mixer taps are one of the best accessories you can buy for your bathroom, kitchen, or cloakroom. They combine both the hot and cold water in one tap, so you can easily control the temperature of the water as it flows from one spout.

Upgrading to basin mixer taps in your home is guaranteed to attract attention of any visitors you have whilst adding practicality to your bathroom.

Types of Basin Mixture Taps

There are various types of taps available for your bathroom and kitchen but it’s important you to choose the correct one for your requirements.

Waterfall Basin Mixture Taps: The waterfall basin mixture is the current trend, they are extremely modern in appearance and the water flow looks incredible eye catching as it replicates a waterfall in your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Taps: The wall mounted tap is a space-saving option for your basin. If you want to save space and create a unique look then opting for this type of fitment would be an excellent choice.

High Rise Basin Mixer Taps: If you have a counter top sink and want a mixer tap to suit, our high rise taps would be the perfect way to compliment it. They are a standalone tap and allow the water to flow from a higher position into your sink.

Small Basin Mixer Taps: If you have a small basin which is often the case in places like, cloakrooms or secondary bathrooms then opting for a basin mixer tap from our Cloakroom range would be ideal. They offer all the same benefits as the regular version but from a smaller and more compact faucet.

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